Issue with new statements

Hello guys @Asad , @eljuno , I would like to know if there is a problem with the new statements because they don’t update the information since 2018-10-09 and the contributions are not arriving to the brave payments (Now Brave rewards) account.

Can u help me with this?


Hi @Shodexho,

I’m not sure about this. Maybe @Asad have more info about that. But for now, AFAIK now it’s not automatically update the statement info. Mine is show the same date too (2018-10-09 is the latest pay out date).

Same for contribution that sent to publishers. It’s not sent directly from users to publishers, but to escrow wallet first. So there’s a delay before contribution balance shown on your publishers dashboard.

Hope that can help answer your question.

Hello @eljuno , Thanks for your reply

Good to know that i am not the only one with this problem, the old statements were way better because it showed you the amount of the contributions and the date but the new system only shows you the payouts.

Lets wait for @Asad response to see what info he can give to us about this.

The statements are working fine AFAIK. :slight_smile:

You probably won’t see an update on the statements until around the 1st of November.

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Hi @Asad , the brave rewards balance should be updated around that date too??

Thanks for your reply


Yes, that is correct :slight_smile:

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Understood, I´ll wait then

Thanks for your help @Asad , @eljuno

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