Dark themed search results in light theme

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Description of the issue:
I selected the option to implement all round light mode on Brave. Although the app menu and address bar is in light mode, the search results I get are dark themed.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. While searching on Google
  2. Search results page

Expected result:
If this is a feature, please remove it. If not a feature, then please let me know how to fix this and enable a PERFECT “Light mode”

Brave Version 1.24.86

Mobile Device details
Redmi note 5 Pro

Additional Information:

Hello Hash,

Before I ask anything else, can you confirm that you mean “night” mode and not “light” mode?

Yes, Light means light here and dark mode is clearly specified. Basically, I have set theme to light mode but search results still appear in dark theme

Do you remember how this happened? Did you perhaps change something in your settings?

Yes, I chose dark mode while setting up but didn’t like it changed it back in like 5 minutes to light mode

Can you show me where you changed this setting?

Oh hey Adrian, my bad for consuming your time. It is this screen and with theme, there’s also a “Night Mode”(Experimental) option in Appearance tab which I just turned off right now. Thank you

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Ah, I suspected that’s what it was. Glad to help you out anyway, Hash, and have a good day.

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