Brave widget "Search" didn't get dark mode

Hi, i have one problem with Brave widget “Search”, when my phone turn into dark mode as scheduled and then widget “Search” is still white and when i get new update for Brave and then widget search getting dark and later my phone set dark to white and then widget is still dark… that’s weird, so, need to fix it

My phone is Galaxy J3 (2017) and 9 android version and latest version of Brave, v1.5.2 and 78.0.3904.108

Sorry for my bad english,

Thank you!

Anyone? I’ve been waiting for 2 days

If I understand correctly, you’d like the search widget to be black/dark as is your phone’s theme, but it doesn’t switch along with it?

Hi, thank you for fast response, Yes, it won’t change automatically dark or white when my phone change theme by scheduled

Anyway, team of Brave should test it and then it will be fix soon, hopefully

Thank you for letting me know. I’ll forward this information to the Android team to review.

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