Dark mode not working on Private Window

Opening a new Private Window while having Dark theme on will not affect the theme in Private Windows at all. I have to manually select Dark theme in the Private Window as well, and in websites like search.brave.com and so on.

why are you even making feature request for this? Dark mode works…

Are you using Strict fingerprinting protection, because if you do, it will not let the websites detect your theme.
That’s why this flag exists brave://flags/#brave-dark-mode-block

So research first, and stop making unnecessary feature request, your post is not even a feature request, you are somehow asking a question by not asking a question (I guess?) and only telling your story, so I have no idea why you even tagged your post as feature request.

I didn’t post this in the Feature Requests page, I posted this in the Feedback page. Not sure why it’s now in the Feature Requests.

Thanks for the suggestion, even if you went a little overboard.

@D0J0P You can change the category of your post. Just click the pencil at the end of the title and then you can move your post to the feedback category.

Example of what you will see when you click the pencil icon below. If you click the arrow at the end of the box displaying the current category, it will give you a list of other categories, including the feedback categories. Just select one and then click the red checkmark and your selection will be saved and your post moved.

Hope this helps. Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Chocoholic!

The issue seems to be resolved now. Interesting that aggressive fingerprinting blocking makes this happen, but I don’t mind if the only other detail that’s known about me is whether or not I use Dark Mode.

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