Dailymotion is not working in Brave

Page loads without any issues in chrome but for some reason its not loading in Brave and showing page unresponsive message

Here is the link https://www.dailymotion.com

I tried to turn off the shield and see if that helps but no joy!

What extension is that installed that I see in your screenshot?

I’ve tested this in Nightly and Release; It’ll lock up on initial load


Did a bit of debugging, seems this script maybe causing this issue, the above script is the only difference between having a working website and not.

UBO + Sheilds ON = Work
UBO Off + Sheilds ON = No Work

Whitelisting the script in UBO didn’t help.

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Hola VPN

Actually it is turned off. I have the same extension in chrome, DailyMotion works without any issues in chrome.

Thanks for debugging and stuff. But I don’t want to do those things because I have working browser installed in my PC but I chose Brave to browse because I was expecting it to be more secure and thinking it will be as seamless as Chrome.

Could you please tell whether issues will be fixed or not ?

Its a guideline, for any Brave dev’s to look into too. Just give it some time to be fixed / investigated. As temp solution until its properly fixed, just disable Sheilds on that specific site.

Brother, any update ?

Without Shields is not what we want but it is a way to get Dailymotion working on my machine. Have you tried temporarily disabling all extensions and are you on the latest version?

After disabling the plugin it worked. To work both Shield and Hola VPN has to be disabled.
Thanks finally some help from this community.

But I don’t the understand purpose using brave without the Shield. Honestly the amount bugs in this browser is pushing me to go back to Chrome.

One website out of many is still a great ratio. If you think it is a bug of some kind best to report and hope for the best. Have you also tried resetting Brave to factory defaults?

Not just one buddy, here is another issue am facing

@PradeepChinna ,
Apologies for the late response. Please remember that support requests may take some time given the high volume received.

It seems like we have a open issue for this already – looks fairly stale. I’ve added your reports to the thread and ping some team members to (hopefully) get eyes on it asap. Appreciate your patience while this gets resolved. Issue can be seen here:

Also, @PradeepChinna – I will respond to the “whostreams” issue on the thread linked above.

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Now we are talking about. This is the kind of response I was looking for, I don’t want the issue to be resolved asap, but some kind of response like above with GitHub details for tracking is more than enough for me.

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Hmm site still not performing the way it should, trying to debug it.

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