Hi everyone :) Online video feeds not loading anymore

Good evening everyone,

Am having lots of trouble watching online feed videos.
Their mostly cams and the feed keeps loading and loading. It used to work before and now it never works.

I clear cashes, cookies with no luck.
Please help.


Did you try in a private window ?

Trying right now…, lol.

First time trying private mode and the feed quickly flashes black which it never did before and it still not loading…
I honestly love Brave because of the no ads and now I way have to go back to firefox.
I love this browser.

hmm. I am not sure of why this is happening. Your issue seems to be similar to

though, his is on Android.

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@Mattches please have a look. Thank you.

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Thanks Aadi. Will try beta if am not currently on it.

We’ll need more information in order to help you here. What OS version are you using? Can you please share the specific website(s) where you see this behavior? Further, does this happen to all video content on all sites or is limited to specific sites?

@Mattches The site was Stripchat.com
And the problem seem to have resolved it’s self after using the Beta Brave browser, thank you because I don’t have to use chrome and Firefox.
I have two questions:
How do I restore session (not recently closed tabs)?
How do I become features for Brave wallpaper background?
I understand these are different questions so I will make the proper thread as to help others find these solutions as I looked for them myself with no clear answers.
Thanks again @Mattches for this awesome browser :wink: !!

I was able to view content without any issue using the latest Brave stable build. You might want to test on the latest Brave release again and see if the issue is now resolved.

Can you be more specific about what you mean when you say “session” if you mean something other than opening the browser to the state it was in when you last used it?

And are you saying that you want to submit images for use as a Brave background? Or something else?

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Dear Mattches,

I apologize for the delay. I have resolved the session issue and implemented a tip from a previous user - saving tabs as a session folder for easy access in case of need.

I am striving to become a featured artist, to have my name associated with my artwork and create beautiful wallpapers for users to enjoy :slight_smile: .

Warm regards,

You can submit images for consideration at

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