Daily rewards decreased

since February i hardly get any brave rewards despite using the search engine even more. Brave has decreased the amount of daily rewards? And I have had a custodial account for a long time. Why?

Short answer →
The Rewards paid by ads are directly proportional to the amount paid by a business / organisation to Brave for advertising through Brave ads. Probably, the businesses / Organisations have stopped paying less for ads and hence is affecting the ads rewards. Also, the Crypto market is still kinda in a bear market so that is affecting as well. I hope that helps!

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You can check info about ads in your region at

i just wish someone would flip the switch so that when i have ads turned “on” they show up. If i turn ads “off” they happen every fourth page. Its backwards. It worked only on the first day of this month for a total of 4 ads. then nothing since. who is controlling the flow on Brave end? sort that stuff out. Every month its something different wrong with this browser.

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I believe that this should be fixed now. Do you have brave updated to the latest version ?

Well, there seem to be no updates about where the bug stands at currently, but I started receiving ads normally so thought it is fixed.

It’s not fixed on my 2 laptops one runs Windows 10 and the other runs Windows 11

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Yours seems to be a different case altogether. The bug was in android. You aren’t receiving in windows?
Could you go to brave://rewards-internals and in event logs does it anywhere say profile flagged or something?

Mine is currently on desktop browser as well. The android Brave seems to be working some days when it feels like it.

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