Brave rewards reduced from 0.100 to 0.010

Hi team,

Brave rewards reduced from 0.100 to 0.010. please restore to the previous rewards bat. Thanks.

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I don’t get ads anymore… the happy days are gone. Oh well.

so instead of getting 10 ads for0. 1 bat now 100 ads needed? bat is not an option anymore


Brave team can you restore to old reward

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Different advertisers pay differently, and the ad campaigns vary regularly. so the payout would change.

Also, rumour is that Brave is feeling the squeeze with advertisers tightening their purses due to the pandemic.

Hi brave team, increase brave rewards asap

Maybe last month they give too much ads reward which is 0.1 so this month they reduce the ads reward to balance out, this explanation make sense to me lol

@gvetriselvan, hahaha dude that’s not their decision

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