Not receiving BAT since last 2 days

So I’m not receiving BAT even after clicking on ads or browsing the internet on brave. For very strange reason first my rewards were slashed from 0.295 to 0.205 and then after clicking on numerous ads it just added 0.001 bat only, i.e totalling to 0.206 which is strange because brave rewards in multiples of 5. please look into it

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Brave does not reward in multiples of 5. The pay varies per ad but can be as low as 0.001 BAT. You can view all ads in your area and what they pay by visiting

Also just too show you one in my area that pays less, here’s a screenshot.

As to change in BAT, they’ve announced a few places that two things might happen. The first is a display issue after the most recent update. You have BAT but it can appear lower than it really is. I forget the second or if it’s related to that. Unfortunately I’m on my phone and about to get to sleep, so not going to search it to link right now.

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Oh, I do have these two links in relation to the ad earnings which I have saved that I can share.

Bah, pulled it up for you to help. This is what I was referencing about that I said I wasn’t going to link tonight.


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