Rewards back to 0 after the update

My Estimated Earnings went from ~9 BAT to 0 after the update.

I don’t have auto contribute on and it’s not in my uphold wallet.



The same thing happened to me… 7.2 BAT just POOFed out of existence. Annoying since I had just gotten enough to verify my Uphold account. I’ve been using this browser since May patiently awaiting the day I’d have enough tokens and now I’m seemingly set back another 1-2 months… What gives guys???

It also happened to me, had my brave rewards reset for no reason can a dev help on why this happened?

Same here, had around 3.600 and everything just dissappeard, is there any way I can get them back?

Same issue!

Hi mine aswell very confused and frustrated by this as i have just got onto brave browser and everything about this browser i had high hopes and enjoyed. My auto contribute is turned off aswell so i know that it wasnt a case of my BAT auto contributing out

Hi everyone. It’s a new month (September 1st). Therefore, your counters will reset for the new month. You should see a countdown in the UI appear shortly.