Ctrl-Tab is hijacked in full-screen

Description of the issue:
Ctrl-Tab changes focus on the page, rather than switching tabs.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Navigate to a Facebook photo in theater mode
  2. Maybe do this in a few consecutive tabs for good measure
  3. Press F11 to enter full-screen
  4. Ctrl-Tab or Ctrl-Shift-Tab through the facebook tabs

Expected result:
The next or previous tab is activated every time the keyboard shortcut is pressed.

Actual result:
It takes 2 or 3 attempts to cycle through each tab, while focus moves around on the page.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 0.68.132 Chromium: 76.0.3809.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:
I’ve noticed this on other sites occasionally but this is the most consistent and reproducible example I can come up with off the top of my head.

Bump bump bump bump.

Seems to be working just fine on my end – does this happen for any site that’s in fullscreen mode in Brave?

It’s particular sites. It’s consistent with facebook photos for me. I also just noticed it on https://www3.123movies.la/movie/pinocchio-3-4o2x2gy/watching.html#mv-info when the video player has focus, I can’t ctrl-tab away at all, in full screen, I have to click outside of the video player to restore the ctrl-tab behavior. Works fine in windowed mode.

I’m using Windows 8.1

Testing the site you linked to above, I’m able to reproduce the behavior on my end. I get this behavior on both Windows and macOS systems. However, I don’t think this is a bug so much as it is a request or personal preference.

I say this because I did some additional testing, and it turns out that this is the same behavior across all browsers – tested using Chrome, Chromium Opera, Vivaldi, and Firefox. All of these browsers exhibited the same behavior when attempting to ctrl+tab away from the active tab containing the video player while in fullscreen. When in fullscreen and the player has the focus, it also captures control of the keyboard – again, this is intended.

If a user wants or needs to use the keyboard to control or use [any] embedded media player, that player must first take the focus from the browser (which is listening for keyboard events when it has the focus) in order to appropriately navigate the player. This is why you have to click outside of the player before you can ctrl+tab again – you’re returning the focus back to the browser itself.

A handy workaround for this is to simply use a separate keyboard shortcut to move shift the focus back to the browser without having to take your hand off the keyboard and click outside the player. For example, the shortcut ctrl+L will move the focus from wherever you are in the browser to the address bar – including when the player has the focus. From there, you can ctrl+tab as you normally would.

Hope this helps! Please let me know if any of the above is unclear.

Thanks for the detailed reply @Mattches

So it appears to be 2 separate issues then, and one of them is apparently specific to Facebook for me. Is there any more data I could collect for you to investigate the behavior on Facebook?

With the embedded video player, Ctrl+L doesn’t work for me in full screen, in fact that shortcut doesn’t work anywhere when I’m in full screen (although that would be a useful feature). I don’t understand how another shortcut would work (actually Esc and F11 both work) when the media player is capturing keyboard events but Ctrl+Tab would not. I’m curious why the focus would make a difference to Ctrl+Tab in full screen but not in windowed mode. I can Ctrl+Tab out of a Youtube or Netflix video in full screen, I’m not sure why this is different.

That actually is really strange – the fact that you can’t ctrl + L to jump to address bar is super weird. It may be specific to the embedded video player itself. Are you able to use ctrl + L on Youtube or Netflix fullscreen?

No, it doesn’t work anywhere in full screen, the address bar is not visible. What does it do for you, does it take you out of full screen, or pop up the address bar on top of the full screen?

The address bar appears but does not kick me out of fullscreen:

Fullscreen YT vid

Same vid after hitting ctrl + L

Neat. Well I wish I knew how to get that feature.

I still don’t understand why I’m having the issue with Ctrl+Tab though, and you apparently can’t reproduce it on Facebook. I found another site where it doesn’t work: https://www.opheliasdenver.com/gallery/ if you click on the photo under “Inside The Venue”, in full screen Ctrl+Tab doesn’t work at all for me, and on the other photos on that page, it sometimes works but mostly cycles through pictures. Is this considered an embedded media player? If so, why do shortcuts like Ctrl+W still work? It seems to me that browser shortcuts like that shouldn’t be able to be overridden by webpages.

Oh also I looked up the video in your last post, nice chill music for background :slight_smile:

Glad you liked the music – need music with a lot of “head space” while I’m working :slight_smile:
So I’m seeing some strange behavior overall here:

Using olphliasdenver to test, on macOS

  • I can
    • View the image in Full-Screen and use keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl + L and Ctrl + W to show the address bar or close a tab (respectively).
    • Exit the image (using the ‘x’ at the top or hitting esc) and then use Ctrl + tab to switch to different tabs.
  • I cannot
    • Use Ctrl + tab to switch between tabs while viewing the image in fullscreen.

On Windows

  • I can
    • Close the tab using Ctrl + w
    • Ctrl + tab through most tabs
  • I cannot
    • Get the address bar to display as I do on mac – In fact, I’m unable to do this for any site while in fullscreen mode. Nor can I Ctrl + tab when viewing the image or when viewing video content in fullscreen mode.

I think the fact that the address bar does not display with the keyboard command is part of the root issue here. I’ve found a related issue that seems to be close to this one that may yield some answers – I’ve added your report and my findings to it, hopefully we’ll get some further insight:

Thanks for the help @Mattches. It still looks like 2 separate issues to me since even on macOS you’re seeing the behavior I’m seeing. But it’s not a major issue for me really at this point, I’m just happy you’re able to reproduce it now. (I’d also be curious if you can reproduce the Facebook behavior on Windows.) I’ll keep an eye on that Github issue to see how it turns out.

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