Crypto wallet not loading assets

When accessing my crypto wallet I am unable to see any of the assets loading in the wallet i was staking before and now the page cannot find my tokens.


I’m having the same issue.

Same issue. Anyone figure this out? This is a very bad problem.

So I have had a look into the account settings, and the wallet i was using and suddenly got logged out of comes up as a ‘Contact’ in my wallet but i cant access it as i dont know the private key (even though i was never given a passphrase to this account, thinking it was the same account). I think Brave need to give me a solution or reimburse me for the loss.

Hey guys just so you can see whats happening i uploaded a video see if its the same trouble you are having?

I can’t access any funds and brave is not responding… this is very problematic.

Upvote the issue on on Reddit please

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