Brave rewards Europe

Hellow, the last post about this topic is from May 2019 , where we’ve been told that brave rewards for Europe would be added soon. Any updates as it is 1 year further now?


Yes. Most Europe countries should be supported now. More regions support is coming.

ow ok, cus it is saying Brave rewards is no possible in my Region ( Belgium )

Make sure you have the latest version – which is now at 1.5.x – and try to re-enable Rewards.

I did… Still shows Ads is impossible …

Can you change your Windows Region setting to Belgium, and set Belgium language as your browser language (Menu > Settings > Language)?

And see if that help. cc @Asad @Mattches @steeven

Hello , no,did it and still does not work…

I also teach and give courses about cryptocurrencies to our clients,and I recommend them Brave but it also does not work with them ( Around 200 students )

Are you connected to a VPN of any kind when you see this message? Additionally, I see that you have a couple of extensions installed – can you tell me which ones they are and whether or not disabling them (all) has any effect on the issue?

I tried with and without VPN and it both doesn’t work. I deleted all the extensions and still does not work…

It works, I just reinstalled everything… in de options menu it showed me that updates were installed and up-to-date

But than I checked the number and it was an old version… Maybe something to look after why it showed u_to_date?

We just released an update today to version 1.7.92 – can you go to Menu --> About Brave and force the update to ensure you’re using the latest version?

Yes,got it. Thanks guys!

There is not my country Georgia. I really try to make popular via friends and groups and pages.

@Serguun more regions support including Georgia is coming in weeks. Thanks.

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