Mobile wallet - can't connect to sites or add a network

As I try to connect to any crypto dapp, the screen just greys out, without asking me for authorization or anything. I am also unable to add any networks. I am using the latest and greatest at the time of writing, on Android 11.

Mobile version doesn’t have dApp or EVM support yet unfortunately

Honestly wish they just didn’t release mobile version yet as it’s kinda useless so far. ETH gas is wayyyyyyy to expensive and they charge an additional fee for swapping through brave anyways…

We also REALLY REALLY REALLY need the option to set token icons if one is not found by whatever repo they are using

Yep EVM and Dapp support are next on mobile.
Releasing what we had is of no harm and helps us build a base on which to iterate, but I agree the most usefulness is in those 2 features.

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