Crypto for Brave Account Premiums

I guess everybody agrees that Brave is a significant name in crypto. Imagine how surprised I was to understand that you can acquire no features in Brave Account where different Premiums are offered (Search, Leo, VPN, Talk, …) with any crypto!! Only Stripe payment.

So my proposal is to enable Brave Account upgrades with crypto transactions.

@skaunov this is coming soon. They have been building out. It’s part of the reason why they are sunsetting vBAT. We should be seeing news soon about how Brave is working on implementing on-chain Rewards payments, how p2p tipping is going to be implemented, Pay With BAT built out to allow using BAT to pay for content, and a lot more.

I’m not sure about an ETA for when it will all arrive, but it’s definitely been discussed and said to be in the works.


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