Any other way to support brave?

I love brave but not interested in the VPN or crypto stuff.

Would love to pay a Buck or two a month to support development.

Does anyone know if there’s an official way of doing this?

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While it’s still “crypto,” I want to make sure to differentiate. Brave Rewards is more of a customer points thing. When we earn, it’s actually vBAT and not the crypto BAT initially. You can use that to tip Brave or others if you’d like. This would more realistically match the amount you’re mentioning to support Brave. You’d just do it without linking to Uphold or Gemini.

You would just set your monthly tips to go to Brave.

If you’re being literal on that amount, I don’t think they have anything. Otherwise you could sign up for Brave Search Premium, which is about $3/mo right now. Not sure when/if it will change, but it’s a way to do little bits. For the past year, the Premium feature offered no benefits and was just for supporting Brave. Now as they just are implementing Search Ads, I suppose that there will be a purpose in it as well, if you use Brave Search. You can learn more about that at


The third and final that’s not yet here is going to be the Swag Store. Brave is going to be selling all sorts of goods, such as T-Shirts. You’d be able to get that, where they of course profit.

The best way to support Brave, though, is to use it and tell others. The more people who learn about and use Brave will mean more opportunities.

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Brave Premium Search is exactly what I needed.

I’ve subscribed to it.

Thank you very much for the quick response and help!!

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Also if anyone from the Brave product team comes across this thread, the #1 reason I started using Brave is that it disables video autoplay.

Video autoplay kills my data, drains my battery, and distracts my reading. Having to hunt for the pause or clock button in a small screen (if it even exists!) is so irritating.

That one feature is absent in other browsers on iOS.

Since using Brave, I’ve noticed it eliminates a bunch of other annoying crap - like the cookie consent popup!

I see Brave is also working on something to help pay for content creators to offset adblock. Love it.

Brave is the only browser out there that seems laser focused on the reader experience.

That’s why I don’t care about the other features (at least not yet), like the BAT and VPN and all that.

I just want a fast browser that eliminates all the distracting crap and that has value to me. I’m sure there are a 100,000 others like me x $3/month = keep the devs fed.

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