Crunchyroll website not loading properly

Description of the issue:
I am not exactly sure what caused the issue, but when I open the favicon, profile pictures, and thumbnails for articles do not load. When navigating the website for example,, the page is just a black screen. Doing a refresh will load the page properly but navigating to a show will show a black screen. Videos will not play at all as they are also just black screens and a refresh doesn’t fix it.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Log in to a Crunchyroll account
  2. navigate to (favicon, profile photo and thumbnails for article don’t load)
  3. navigate to (should be a black screen; favicon and profile photo also don’t load)
  4. refresh page in step 3 (page in step 3 should load properly, favicon and profile photo still don’t load)
  5. navigate to any show page
  6. Refresh page in step 5 (page in step 5 should load properly, favicon and profile photo still don’t load)

Expected result:
Pages should load on the first try; favicon, article thumbnails, and profile pic should load properly on all pages; videos should be able to be played

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.46.144 (Official Build)

Additional Information:
Seems like this started after installing Widevine (although unsure whether it is the cause)
Steps don’t change even with shielding on or off

@blasia I’m going to list a variety of steps below. I want you to do only one step at a time, then test if Crunchyroll loads properly. If a step has no impact, then disregard and you can change settings back to what you had and then progress to the next step. (Don’t do multiple at once or it will be hard to figure out what actually “solved” it for you)

  • Open Guest Window or Private Window. Does it work now?

  • Make sure Widevine is toggled on at brave://settings/extensions

  • Disable hardware acceleration at brave://settings/system

  • Clear site settings. (while on Crunchyroll website, click the lock icon on left side of your search/URL bar, click Site Settings, then Clear Data) This should log you out of Crunchyroll and clear all info from the site.

  • Go to Clear browsing data at brave://settings/privacy and make sure to clear Cookies and other site data. Be sure the drop down on top says All Time for the range and that you’re on the Basic tab.

Honestly, one of those likely will result in fixing the issue. And yeah, I tested and it loads on mine.

Though it’s amazing as was like 17 things being blocked and then keeps retrying to display, which can gradually increase that counter.


@blasia Out of curiosity, which one solved your issue?

The last option ended up working for me.

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Cool, thanks. Wanted to make sure because many of the ones prior were troubleshooting steps and not solutions. Glad to know it’s all set then. (^_^)

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