Cross-Website Tracking

Why am I not allowed to turn OFF “Allow Cross-Website Tracking” in the iOS Settings App?

Why is this privacy breach being allowed?

Can you please elaborate? Are you referring to the Shields panel setting on a specific site? Are you referring to global Shields settings? Is this the case for all sites? What type of iOS device are you using?

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LIKE I SAID, it is a setting in the iOS Settings app (on both iPhone and iPad)
Settings-Brave that cannot be toggled OFF.

If you go to Safari or another browser and try to change the same setting, are you able to?

For Settings-Safari, it says “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking” and that can be toggled on and off.

The problem may be with iOS 15 beta. I had to downgrade on my iPad Pro. The above issue is not a problem with iOS 14.7.1. Still a problem on my iPhone which has iOS 15 beta, still.

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