Creators : under review after resetting 2FA authentification - lost github channel


When I reset my 2FA authentification , I’ve read that channels will need to be reapproved.

Before the reset I had two channel :

  • my website
  • my github account

Two things :

  • it seems that I cant add or get back my github account ?
  • the website, that was approved since 2020 is still awaiting approval

And a third/last point : customized banner have been lost.

Reviews :

  • when an important change will be made - here lost all params from account except email - it will be fair to say it clearly on the reset 2FA alert banner : now its just say that reapproval will be needed.

Questions :

  • Would I be able to get back my Github account approved ?
  • How many time will be needed to reapprove my website (that was approved since more than two years, same url, same creator user) ?



update : 2023/10/28 : Creator account is still not verified. What should I do ?

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