Creator Account Tokens

I have a Creator account that has 3 websites verified to it. The Creator account says I have 89.59 tokens in it. There is no link that I see to get to the wallet or any other way to access those tokens. How do I get to them??

I just want to be able to get to those coins so I can move them.

Will be paid once a month @Casbot1969.

I know it only pays once a month bit how do I get to my coins to pull them out to an external wallet or to an exchange where I have more BAT sitting???

It’ll be deposited to your Uphold wallet. And then from there you can transfer your BAT to external wallet.

That’s the issue. It has no link to the uphold wallet. And if I go to and log into my wallet I dont see the coins.

You not see a section to connect your Uphold wallet on your dashboard? It should appears below the balance section.

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