CPU usage spikes when watching YouTube

Hi there,

Every time I watch YouTube on my Macbook Pro, the CPU usage spikes massively (sometimes over 150%) and the fan starts whirring continuously really loudly.

It is a dual-core 4th gen i5 with 8GB RAM, is that not enough?

I have tried disabling hardware acceleration but that does nothing.

I have also tried performing an SMC and that didn’t help.

I am only trying to watch at 1080p :frowning:

Any help is greatly appreciated

Which Version of Brave are you running?

Here’s something you can try in the meantime, as a work-around:

  1. Visit brave://flags/#brave-adblock-cosmetic-filtering
  2. Enable this option
  3. You’ll be prompted to restart- go ahead and do that
  4. Problem should be fixed :smile:

^— Autor: clifton

Hi, I am on the latest version: Version 1.7.92 Chromium: 80.0.3987.163 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I think enabling that has helped a lot. Many thanks :slight_smile:

Edit: Whilst better, CPU usage from the GPU and Renderer is still quite high. WindowServer is high as well and the fan is still going constantly

I just deleted the browser, removed all traces of Brave on my computer and then re-installed and now the problem is completely fixed.

The fan doesn’t run constantly and the CPU usage has now reduced back to 15-20%

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