Cover your tracks--am I unique websites still say I'm unique and easy to track

Good morning. I am new to Brave. I loaded Brave on an iPad thinking it would make it hard to use the digital fingerprinting thing. I tested it on Cover my/your tacks and Am I Unique and both said i was easy to track and Unique. I have set the Brave browser to not allow “Fingerprinting” is there something else I need to do? Please advise. Thanks for your help

I think the Test you Ran was a cookie test. The test will say it is easy to track you, cause (most of the time) direct cookies are allowed. However if you configured Vrave correct, it will flush the cookies every time you close the app.

(For Laptop Users) I would reccomend taking a half an hour time to check each Setting and configure it to your joy.

Hope this could help

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