Brave is decreasing privacy protection

The mobile iOS version does not prevent fingerprinting. Moreover, you have even removed canvas fingerprinting protection entirely. It is of critical importance to prevent as fingerprinting as possible in all its variants rather decreasing privacy and anonymity focus as it has happened in recent updates.

Check the following extremely comprehensive fingerprinting study by the top German university of Erlangen-Nürnberg and you will see that using Brave we are identifiable and trackable using fingerprinting techniques:

Also why can I choose on desktop version shields to be strict etc but on iOS I cannot? And why do you still use on iOS the Google Safe Browsing service literally redirecting all our internet traffic to Google although on the desktop version you implemented months ago Brave’s own service?

Why so many inconsistencies in the quality of Brave Browser between desktop and mobile versions and so many inconsistencies in your privacy orientation? This is decreasing trust in Brave.

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