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I just watched this video on YouTube about tracking fingerprints and sites that track you other than cookies. He said if you go to and you will see trackers other than the ones from cookies tracking you. He mentioned that you can disconnect from these fingerprint trackers by going to to disconnect from these fingerprint trackers. I did and Chrome, Firefox, and Windows were supported as options to add to their browser. Could this be something you people at Brave could ad to your browser as well? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hello @Stoner, thank you for reaching us out. Can you please answer the following questions so we can further investigate the issue:

1 - What kind of device and OS do you have?

2 - Have you updated to the latest Brave version? If this is a desktop computer found at brave://version to download the most recent one

3 - A screenshot of the issue (if possible).


There is no issue. If you watched the video linked in my comment you will understand more. I’m just requesting a feature to be added to the Brave Browser if it is possible. I guess my comment wasn’t self-explanatory enough. So like I just said, watch the video in the YouTube link and you will see what feature(s) I’m asking to have added.

Note that Brave’s Shields does have Fingerprinting Protection included already:

That said, you can add the extension to the browser if you’d like — you can do so from the Chrome web store:


@Stoner Sorry for that, I think Jarc-1107 might have gotten distracted and/or responded to the wrong post. Let me clarify a few things for you.

  • The website you’re referencing is to a product. Everything they do is available through Shields. Brave does block cookies and trackers, often much better than products like you’re looking at can do.

  • In terms of the premium versions which have VPN and all, that same is done through Brave with Brave Firewall + VPN. True, it’s not yet available on Desktop but it should be soon.

  • I also see where you’re looking at the area that mentions supported browsers. Just an FYI, if it’s supported for Chrome then it also would work for Chromium and Brave.

  • Any website that talks about “supported browsers” is just referencing the specific browsers that they have had thoroughly tested. For Brave not to be listed means that they didn’t have testing on it and can’t speak about how well it would work. For example, if it would create conflict with Shields or anything else. Since it hasn’t been specifically tested and coded for Brave, they don’t list it.

That said, it’s very important you realize that this IS part of Brave. It’s built into the browser rather than being an extension. They also are leading the way in privacy and security. In the video, he talks about how it shows a number for the amount of things blocked. If you ever paid attention to the lion icon (Shields), you’ll see the same thing.

Take, for example, this Reddit link I just opened. You’ll see on the far right that Shields blocked 15 things.

If you click on that icon, it will show you something like you see below:

You’ll notice next to where I have selected Aggressively block trackers & cookies it shows 15 items. If we click that, it’s going to show what it blocked.

As to Fingerprinting, there’s a lot to learn and people speak wrong about it on the regular. I’d like to refer you to some links below. Please make sure to completely read them.


lol, Mattches beat me to the punch. It’s what I get for getting distracted. Hopefully you have the answers you need there.

Btw, other side note. Do be very careful because sometimes extensions end up tracking you instead. There’s been a lot of issues with this over the last 5 years. Chrome supposedly became stricter on it in 2020, but it’s still had issues.

In addition, the more extensions we use, the easier it is to be fingerprinted. Shields does a lot to help, but as much as it disguises or hides you, if you come out screaming or attracting attention, there’s not much to be done, lol.


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