Uphold restriction (France), change computer

I’m changing my computer for work, and need to return this one.
I created an uphold account yesterday, but I can’t link it to Brave because of the restriction.
How can I withdraw my BAT or link them into an other computer that uses Brave too, without uphold or gemini ?

Thanks for your help.

@Tantris Please go read everything at PSA: Unsupported Region

Make sure to click links and read everything thoroughly.

Short answer = you can’t. BAT stays on your computer only until they allow region again. Only thing you can do it tip content creators. In any case, please don’t go with just the short answer and go read the post I linked to you, as well as the announcements linked to in it. Everything there will give you a complete understanding of what is going on

Hello @Saoiray , thx for your reply

So for now, I need to wait, but maybe it could be 2 months from now ? :frowning:

That’s correct. We’ll all hope things come much faster, but it’s what they made it sound like.

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