Could Brave benefit from using Node.js in the iOS and Android apps?



Since I read that Brave uses Node.js on the desktop, I have been wondering if the iOS and Android implementations could leverage having Node.js on mobile, to reuse code from the desktop implementation.

FYI, there is a port of Node.js to iOS and Android that could enable that:

Full disclosure: I work for the company that maintains that project.


Hi @orangemocha surely Apple related products are work best when utilized with Swift.


The desktop browser runs on Electron, which allows nodejs web apps to run as desktop apps. For mobile it’s probably better to stick with each platform’s native language for better performance. I suppose having everything with one codebase would make deployment faster, but different platforms might still need specific optimization’s/changes.


Thanks for your responses. To clarify, I wasn’t suggesting rewriting the entire app in Node.js. I agree that the UI can be better optimized by using the platform’s native language and components (though there are notable exceptions, e.g.: Facebook / React Native). However, for most non-UI components, especially the ones that are I/O bound, the overhead of using JavaScript should be negligible. Note that in our implementation the Node.js code always runs on a dedicated thread, separate from the UI.

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