Why does brave iOS gets preferential treatment over Brave Android?

I have observed that brave android is always behind brave iOS in new features.

Brave iOS first got- Brave VPN, Brave Playlist, Brave News, Brave Translate and other newer features like https://nitter.kavin.rocks/brave/status/1583807641473626113#m, https://nitter.kavin.rocks/brave/status/1582751694328594432#m, https://nitter.kavin.rocks/brave/status/1552063664920100864#m

Brave android even after 1.5 year still has not got the useful Playlist feature.

Brave android probably makes more money for Brave Software Inc than brave iOS as-
It has more users
It has brave rewards functioning at full capacity where as on brave iOS it is limited due to apple app store.

It also has integration with brave Desktop as both share the chromium code, probably making porting of new features easier from desktop to android. Still it is the last one to get new features.

i have accessed brave on android and now will access whenever i possibly can (i spend more time on PC than on a phone(97% on PC, 3% on phone))

i want the experience and fun on a big screen than on a phone, for me, i personally think that brave developers should lower down the priority of all phone platforms altogether, because if the browser “Brave” gets powerful enough on the PC platform, people will automatically look forward to install it on their phones too regardless of the fact that the speed of updates and new features on phone platform’s pacing tends to be slow.

i do know that the phone platforms have more users, because it will always be but i think most people use it to just browse and brave already seems to tend to do those features well with all these ad blocking(what i am trying to say is that brave team can keep adding new features to phone platforms but how many users are utilizing all of those features on those phone platforms ? If Brave team compares the usage of all features(utilization, daily usage of those features) done by the users between PC and phone platforms, it will result in PC platform users being utilizing most of the features more frequently so time is wiser spent on putting the PC platform in 1st priority and then all other platforms).

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I am not comparing mobile vs desktop, I am comparing mobile vs mobile or android vs iOS.

It is true what you said about desktop experience. Most users like to use ‘apps’ on their mobile phone be it android or iOS. The smaller the screen the more likelihood of using an app.

The first preference should obviously given to brave desktop and then too brave android and then brave iOS.
Or first brave android, then brave iOS and then brave desktop.

In some cases, brave desktop might be last as the device varies along with OS (Windows, Linux, Lenovo laptop, PC) for features features like Brave VPN while iOS has universal hardware and software. Whereas, android might change from device to device due to OEM changes.

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