Sync different Profiles or export profile settings

Hi there,
first of all: awesome browser! Only issue i’ve been having so far is that I want to use three different profiles and with each and every one I have to set up from start, that is, get all the extensions i need, make all settings as i want etc. Every new profile is like a complete clean sheet.

is there a way to export all settings i have made under one profile and import it to the next one?

thanks a million

edit: for some reasons i cant even sync my account: it keeps looking for device, but doesnt find any - while at the same time no respond when i enter sync code…

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Hi @antongrund, welcome to Community!

There is no way to do it through the browser. But if you navigate to the Brave-Browser folder on your computer you’ll see a Default folder and a Profile X folder. Default is your main profile and X is just a number associated with additional profiles. You can then copy the contents from the Default into any Profile X folder and it’ll be an exact copy.

And in regards to Sync, there are still some intermittent issues that we’re currently working on. We appreciate your patience.

HI Aa-ron,
thanks for your help!
For some reason my main profile is not the “Default” but “Profile 1”. Can’t say how that happened. Anyhow, when i copy the content from “Profile 1” into another new profile it still doesn’t work, even though now i have a different result:

thanks for your help

Would you be able to send a screenshot of the Brave-Browser folder with its contents?
Can you confirm your main profile still opens in the browser?


what do you mean by: “your main profile still opens in the browser?”

i can say that the profile that opens in the browser has the settings i made, so i guess, yes. - but as i said, strangely it doesnt seem to be the default user, but profile 1…

I’ve made some annotations to the image you sent. The red box shows your Default folder (your main profile) and the purple box shows your additional profiles. Be sure to empty Profile 1 and Profile 9, before copying over the contents from your Default profile. Be sure to copy everything over, you’ll have to quit and reopen Brave to see the changes.

yeah, i understood this already, but it doesnt work because my main settings are in profile 1 not in the default. - so, when i it this the way you recommend and copied Default content to profile 1 my settings were all gone…

should i maybe copy the settings from profile 1 to default? would that make sense?

or should i rather make a clean install?

Just so we’re on the same page,
Looking at your files you have Default, Profile 1 and Profile 9. Default is your first profile, the one already there when you start using the browser. When you create a new profile for the first time, you’re making a second profile, it will get the name Profile 1. The number increments for every profile you make after that.

So it sounds like the profile you want to copy over is the second profile you made, Profile 1. If that is so, then you can copy the folder’s contents to whichever profile you want.

yes, I know, but it didn’t work. i just made a clean install and now it’s working the way you said. so, thanks a lot!

would be nice though if new profiles would come with an option to have the same settings…

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