Contextual menu does not show up for JupyterLab

Description of the issue:
I use JupyterLab for some of my Python coding. This program opens a tab in the browser that uses as the display interface. I had used it a month or so without any issues, but about a week ago I tried to use it and I noticed that the JupyterLab loads properly with the exemption that some of the contextual menus do not show up. Only this weekend I had some time to try to check the problem in more detail and as a first step I reinstalled JupyterLab and the issue persisted. After I decided to try with other browsers (Chrome and Firefox) and both of them have no issues and show the menus.
I am attaching three partial screenshots showing what Brave, Firefox and Chrome display if one of the files is selected in the file manager and the contextual menu is requested. Brave produces the contextual menu for the tab generated by Brave while Chrome and Firefox display the expected contextual menu produced by JupyterLab.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Install JupyterLab via the installation in or install Anaconda.
  2. Once JupyterLab is installed, call it. JupyterLab will open a new tab in the browser.
  3. Try calling the contextual menu as shown in the screenshots, or the one that displays from the JupyterLab file tab.

Expected result:
Expected the display of the correct contextual menu as shown in the screenshots for Chrome and Firefox.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:

could you try to update brave as the current version is 1.15.76
and if the update did not help
could you disable all other extension and try in private mode and see if it work or not

hope that help and have a nice day

Hi Justsomeone1

Thanks for your prompt reply.
As per your suggestion initially, I updated Brave to the latest 1.15.76 (thanks I thought I had the latest…) but this did not solve the problem. After, I went to check if any of the extensions was the problem. I had thought of this, but I was lazy to do it because I have way too many extensions. Well after some testing, it turns out that the problem was one of the extensions, “Open with Soda Player”.

This is an extension associated with the app “Soda Player”, which as the name suggests is a video player. After checking its website and the extension webpage, I confirmed to have the latest versions of both, which were released a couple of years ago and since then the developer has not provided any new updates.

So justsomeone1 thanks for the advice :+1:, it has resolved the issue and provide me with a way around it, to disable the extension. However, it is curious that I have had the extension for several years and before there were no problems and not conflict with Brave. Hence, something has changed in Brave recently that ignite this. I understand that maybe things have changed and the extension has not been updated accordingly.

Once more thanks, keep safe :mask: and have a great day

you very welcome could be update to the core make the issue

try to remove it then reinstall and see if it work fine or not also try to create a new profile and install only this extension and see if it work fine without other extension

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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