Consigo 0.001 bat por cada anuncio .I get 0.001 bat for each ad

Since the day before yesterday with each ad I only get 0.001 bat and it is not a problem with my phone. I have not tested on computer yet but they are supposed to pay me 0.010 bat per ad and they only pay me 0.001. So I don’t know if there were policy changes or what happened but I should have 0.410 bat but I only have 0.357 bat.
Please help.

Desde antes de ayer con cada anuncio solo consigo 0.001 bat y no sesi es problema de mi teléfono. Aún no he probado en computadora pero se supone que me deberian pagar 0.010 bat por anuncio y ya solo me pagan 0.001. Entonces no sé si hubo cambios en las políticas o que pasó pero debería tener 0.410 bat pero solo tengo 0.357 bat.
Ayuda por favor

#unistallbrave #unistallbrave #unistallbrave

En un tema igual que ya lleva como 100 respuestas, un usuario publico un twitter de uno (aparentemente) de los desarrolladores de Brave y en este decia que estan teniendo problemas con el servidor(es) de recompensas/rewards" de Brave pero dentro de poco todo estara normal, habra que esperar a ver…

As bad as things might be, promoting people to uninstall Brave on their own forums is disrespectful, do it else where please


so for you, what the greedy team did is not disrespectful? the user community took a serious slap in the face we have the right to speak up because we are consumers! if u like to receive 0,001 per ad keep silent and don’t disturb those who are indignant to get together and protest

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If you still do not understand, then without users like us, they will quickly go bankrupt.)

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I’m just saying if you’re not satisfied which you’re clearly not as many are not, this doesn’t give you right to come in someomes home and piss all over the walls, take it outside

we will unite and protest whether you want or we do not have our rights and here is the brave community so it is the ideal place for COMMUNITY MEMBERS to debate and unite for an egalitarian cause

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do not like do not join but do not disturb a just cause

Nothing wrong with debate, this isn’t your strategy unfortunately

I will not waste my time with you I will protest and join my brother users


Why create the same themes? There is already this topic BAT rewards drop from 0.01 BAT/ad to 0.001 BAT/ad

Gracias a todos por sus respuestas. Yo no desinstalare brave por eso porque yo lo uso por la seguridad
Thanks everyone for the replyes. I will not uninstall brave because I use it for the security

game over brave #unistallbrave

They changed the price to 0.005 minimum. Some campaigns are still 0.001, but I only have a few.
The price has been reduced by 2

yo desactive los ADS hasta que lo solucionen… si no lo solucionan, pues a instalar ADB

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