Why Rewards for Brave Ads keeps reducing?

0.050 BAT per ad was given … when the BAT price was INR 18.5
0.025 BAT per ad was given … when the BAT price was INR 25
0.010 BAT per ad was given … when the BAT price increased to INR 32

when people asked why ads reward reduced 4x in 30 days
Brave’s response "Well the price of BAT increased to 50%. So we did it.

Now **BAT is reduced to 45%(Down) ** Still giving 0.010 BAT(per ad) not 0.025 BAT???

Not to lie. You guys are exceptional when its comes to brave browser. And A Jokes when it comes to brave rewards.


Plus new update gives less ads than usual… something isn’t right
And old version doesn’t show ads anymore :pleading_face:

Now we have to uninstall brave browser.
Now They(brave) become GREEDY they want 90% share instead 30% from ad revenue so rewards per ad notification is decreased to 0.01 bat Frome 0.05 bat per ad notification. This is insane 70% decrease. Now this is time we all have to quite from GREEDY brave…


Hello @firru1080p , thanks for this nice explanation. I agree with you and I’m with you.
We need an answer for all of this. I think they have nothing to answer, cause they are lying to us and they are using us.

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Yes… They aslo got caught for using their own affiliate links. They are trying to make money but looks like they dont want to share with users :expressionless: :heart_eyes:

They are not not concentrating in Brave Rewards… only looking companies to Partnership with them & make a nice bags of money dude.

Check the ads are available in your area.

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