Connection Problems to my Uphold Wallet


When i open the page “” i see this warning note on the left side of the site:
" Your Uphold Wallet

Connection problems"

May anyone help me to fix it or suggest any solutions? Or any ideas at least?


Team is working to fix this issue.

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Thanks @YonhPal for the reply.

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I have the same problem, even though it was working perfectly and i got my payment on the 8th of March.


are you a fully verified member in uphold? @wael.khuzam


Yes i am, since march 2018


It was connected but now when i log in it flashes “connecting” then it shows “connection problem”.


my problem is solved. try to delete the history. if it does not work disconnect and reconnect. it worked when i reconnect after i disconnect. @wael.khuzam


Thanks @obyzopy, it worked.

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