Upholp wallet disconnection

Good day! My upholp wallet is with connection preblem. How to solve it?

Welcome to community @Daniel71!

What OS and Brave version are you using? Have you been able to connect successfully in the past? Would you be willing to send a screenshot of what you see when trying to connect?

Thanks in advance!

This problem occurs at the beginning of this month, after receiving my first payment

Did you change uphold credentials ?
In that case you need to connect it again
btw what happens when you click connect ?
did you try clearing your cache and cookies under settings -privacy and connect uphold then ?
This problem occurs at the beginning of this month, after receiving my first payment
this is not enough information to work with
Support cannot help you if they cannot figure out whats going on :slight_smile:

I have not changed anything. When I press the button to reconnect, it sends me directly to the creation of an account. It doesn’t give me the option to reconnect

try logging in to your publishers account in another browser and see
If the problem persists
on the account creation page try to find a sign in or log in button link if you cannot visit uphold.com login there

The problem is present on another computer. I can login to my upholp wallet, but I don’t know if the connection problem affects my pags

Did you try logging in uphold first then connect your creator’s page ?
1 - clear cookie’s and catche via settings /privacy /clear browsing data /advanced /all time
2 - login to uphold via uphold.com
3 - login to your publishers account and try to connect uphold
4 - upload a screenshot of the page in case you cannot login to it or connect uphold
just trying to make sure you got everything right

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