Connecting Brave Rewards across multiple computers

I just heard about Brave a decided to give it a try. I have installed it on the 3 computers I use daily. How do I sync/connect the Brave Rewards into one account, instead of having 3 separate accounts?

Hi @OneirosAlpha - welcome to community! have you created an account with Uphold and completed KYC?

Hi @steeven - Thanks for the reply. I don’t know what Uphold is, sorry! I was looking for a login type thing like I have with Firefox, where if I sign in to my Firefox profile on each computer all the links/logins/passwords/etc… are synced up. Is there anything like that with Brave?

No – there is no Brave “account” at this time that syncs all that data for you at this time – but there will be soon once Brave Sync v2 is released (although there still won’t be any ‘account’ associated with it in the way you’re describing).

Is there any particular reason you’re looking for this feature?

@Mattches - Thanks for the info. I feel like pooling the Brave Rewards in one account would be better than having a bunch of devices with their own small pools of rewards.

At this time, the best way to do that would be to create an Uphold account and link it to your browser:

Awesome, thanks for the help! That answers my question. :slight_smile:

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