One device bats received and another not

I’m using brave browser in mobile as well as laptop .
Laptap used by my family
Mobile ads bats received but laptop browser bats approximately 6 bats not received
Both in same uphold wallet…
Wallet verified…
Now its shows pending rewards next payment date sep 6 :roll_eyes: in laptop browser
But in laptop browser showing wallet balance and in mobile showing zero and

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The payout is still in process, you’ll soon receive the rewards, for info visit this thread > MEGATHREAD: August 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support


Same bro…!! Awaiting till today’s midnight. :pensive:

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Payment still in process???

Look like That bats carry forward for next months?
And I already deleted one recurring 10 bats…that bats some one gifted me…and
What ever reflect in brave database that only brave ppl will transfer so uploading and showing this and that waste of time…actually
I’m just fedup posting…:unamused::relieved:

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