Congrats! Your September rewards have arrived!, but no claim button

the support agent copy-and-paste from a script to reply to me.

how do i know my Rewards profile is Flagged ? thanks for the answer ! Namaste to the community , have great people

You get a notice when you try to connect to your wallet.

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  • Using a VPN, Proxy Server
    I’ve never used VPN.

  • Modifying folders
    I’ve never modified any folders.

  • Your setup sends mixed information to Brave
    I’ve always used Brave on the same PC and IP.

  • Cloning your browser
    Never did that.

  • Uphold or Gemini identifies your account as fraudulent and/or there’s a violation of laws
    I have a Gemini account that I haven’t touched for a while and is used for receiving BAT only.

  • Any other type of suspicious activity is recognized by the system or Brave staff
    Open Brave, surf the internet and do searches on Google, that’s it. I do nothing else on Brave.

They told me my account was flagged. Flagged from what? I only got 3 BAT. It’s not like I’m trying to cheat the system to obtain more BAT or anything. I do nothing other than using Brave to do searches on google and surf the web.

no, connect normally

hahaha, they haven’t helped at all. All they do is blame uphold and uphold blames brave. Its a game they play with me all the time. I haven’t received rewards since 9 OCT 2021. They still haven’t solved it to this day.


I haven’t received brave reward for 2 months (September and August). I don’t want to write about my problems anymore. Because it is not resolved. If this continues, I will delete Brave.


I feel ya. Brave tries to develop a product that can differentiate itself from Google, and it ends up following Google’s path now, where operating margin becomes a thing and reality, especially during the Fed’s rate hike cycles and liquidity dry-up in the advertising and crypto spaces as well. I am not surprised that the first one to get cut is the brave users’ rewards.


For me too, it’s the berezina. I’ve been using Brave since April or May and checked with Uphold. Since August, I have nothing and I manage with great difficulty for 4 months, to win 3 Bat per month. I mainly use brave on my android and on my notebook. This week, I started my notebook for 3 weeks and realized that my Brave account was flagged. I have reread the terms and I am not in breach of the terms. I am in France and located in France, no VPN, my auto-contributing was activated, I am doing my research on brave, etc. On the other hand, every month, I am debited from the beats that I share. Suffice to say that soon, I will no longer be able to share anything, given the market and my earnings. When I try to link the accounts, a window tells me that I have nothing to do and that it should be resolved shortly. But nothing. So I’m going to disable automatic sharing this month, on both of my devices. And if nothing comes back, I give up.


tried to set up wallet, but have not seen how to earn points, nor will use gemini because of too many steps to follow especially with the “photo id” that i do not have.

Do you mean brave wallet?
If yes, then that’s totally different from Rewards. You can’t transfer rewards there…

Could you DM me your Brave ticket number? I’d be happy to look into your concern. Thanks!

I agree - I have claimed rewards in the past and they haven’t showed up in my account. I have stopped using Brave because it seems like they just want to $$uck you into believing you can get rewards.


Yeah my rewards have never worked. Every month my balance just resets back to zero and my rewards disappear. I’ve been on for a year and the error message says I am flagged and “unfortunately brave uses an algorithm that has no control over who is flagged” or some BS I get when I try to verify my wallet. I am never paying for a token that doesn’t work in the first place.

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I have also stopped using Brave. Nothing worse than empty promises.

I am in the US and BAT won’t go in my Gemini wallet, my brave wallet, my metamask wallet, or anything. It just gets reset to 0 every month. I successfully verified when I first got on but now Brave says I am flagged.
Does Brave just promise free BAT then flag everyone so they don’t have to pay
them BAT? Sneaky.

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I also can’t connect any of my wallets to the mobile brave browser after I download extensions, by default it always wants to use my brave wallet, which is empty and probably always will be.

We’d be happy to look into your flagging concerns if you can submit a request here:

Please note, Brave Rewards and Brave Wallet are separate entities, meaning you cannot transfer your Rewards directly to the Brave Wallet. This is due to KYC/AML requirements which requires verification with one of our partner custodians.

Here’s some more information on the differences.

Thank you!

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Why not take a look of my tickets. I filed 2 at the top of the post.

Hello bbmak0,

Your tickets were reviewed and a decision was made regarding the requests.

Thank you for your understanding.

Nope, I am not understanding. Why am I not getting my Brave reward and flagged, but with brave ad continues showing?

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