Confusion between Uphold publisher brave wallet and user browser brave wallet


So just wanted to give feedback into the confusion and lack of clarity between the Wallet for publishers, and the Wallet for Brave users.

I’ve already come across two other posts of others who were confused as well:
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and here… Linking New Brave Rewards Wallet with Existing Uphold Account

For a moment I thought that my Uphold publisher “Brave Wallet” would sync with my Brave Browser wallet.

The confusion came from when I’m on the brave://rewards settings page, it says, “your brave wallet is managed by uphold.”

So I thought that my publishers wallet would automatically sync with my browser wallet.

However, it looks like the disclaimer saying that “the brave wallet is managed by uphold” is just describing that uphold also manages the user wallets as well, even though they are only accessed via the browser.

I recommend that there is more clarity between a publisher’s wallet and a user’s wallet managed by Uphold.

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Thanks for the feedback @lunarsedge,

cc @rebron2000 @rossmoody on this.

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Thank you!

Perhaps changing the names of the wallets would help and giving them their own logo brand.

  • Brave Publisher Wallet

  • Brave Browser Wallet

And then adding to the disclaimer that publisher and user wallets are not the same.

Maybe it’s a little overkill, but I do see many getting confused by the current setup.


Just wanted to update this thread with the response I got from the Uphold support team. I guess eventually the two wallets will be merged and the browser wallet will be claimable…


Thanks for contacting Uphold support.

You concerns have been escalated to Brave developers.

You are right there is 2 wallets for the time being, but that’s something they are planning to change qby merging them

Today, the browser wallet cannot be claimed - which is something they are planning to change.

For more information or provide more feedback, I would recommend to contact Brave support directly.


Pedro and the Uphold Team


Thanks for the suggestion. There’s going to be some set of folks that are going to be both publishers and users, though the vast majority will be users and not publishers.

In the short term, we’ll look into putting an article together to make wallet usage clearer for those who are publisher+user.


It should be very, very fine to create the possibility to work with your own wallet instead of Uphold. At least the Publisher Wallet. I don’t like Uphold and KYC. It’s like an old-skool middleman and this is contrary to the blockchain idea of ‘Be Your Own Bank’. IMHO this should be one of the top priotities to solve asap.

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Thanks for the reply. I’m hoping that a rebrand to distinguish each wallet easily will happen. Otherwise, an article is only as good as it can be found and read. As well, it shouldn’t have to take an article explaining what should be obvious.

The option would be to make it VERY EASY to find this article for those interested in being publishers, or, simply rebrand each wallet so there is enough distinction.

And if it were me in charge. I’d do both.

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