Linking New Brave Rewards Wallet with Existing Uphold Account


Non-technical newbie here trying to figure out how to link my Uphold account and Brave browser’s wallet…

Here’s what’s happened so far:

  1. I recently made a BAT Publishers account and an Uphold account for the purposes of receiving payments.

  2. I just installed the Brave browser for the first time, and it automatically created a new Brave Rewards wallet.

  3. Inside the Brave Rewards wallet, it says, “Your Brave wallet is managed by Uphold.” So, I assume I can link my existing Uphold account to replace this new wallet.

  4. I go to Brave’s settings and open “Manage Your Wallet.” It’s asking for my “Recovery Key.” So, I’m looking through my Uphold dashboard but can’t find a Recovery Key.

  5. I contacted Uphold, but they weren’t able to help and instead directed me here.

Help! What am I missing?



@DLKR Thanks for reporting. Can you please go through the below post, which may help you to resolve your issue. Please revert back if it’s not helful.

cc: @Asad please provide the additional information if required.



Confusion between Uphold publisher brave wallet and user browser brave wallet

Thanks. I did take a close look at that post before writing my inquiry. Theirs seems to be about the case of first making the BAT wallet on the browser and then opening an Uphold account. My situation is the other way around, and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to find the “Recovery Key” in my Uphold account.

I think BAT/Brave is going to struggle to achieve mainstream adoption if these basics aren’t made a little easier for non-technical normies like myself.



Hi there,

They are actually completely separate wallets. Your BAT publishers wallet (accessed at and your BAT browser wallet (accessed directly via the Brave browser). :slight_smile: Your publishers wallet is the only one that needs a connection to Uphold.

Sign into your Rewards account at and you can link your Uphold wallet there from the dashboard.

Does this answer your questions? Let me know if you need more help!



Hi Asad,

Thanks for the explanation. Got it.

I love simplicity and would prefer if we could just have one account/wallet. But, I’m probably missing something…


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