Can't verify my Uphold wallet, can't access my Brave account

I can’t seem to get anything working with brave rewards. I already have my uphold account verified, and want to link the wallet to brave. However, when I click the “verify wallet” option and try to link it to uphold it just opens my uphold wallet and nothing else happens. I’ve read it might be because my uphold and Brave accounts have different emails, but I don’t even understand if I have my brave account linked. The browser says nothing about wether I have an account or not, I created a content creator account (with the same email as the uphold wallet) and still can’t get it to work. I had to create another account to even access this “community” feature, I just can’t keep track of all the accounts and don’t know how to even get the freaking wallet to work!
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m from Argentina just in case it’s important in any way.

Edit: Tried again today and it worked for some reason, both with the publisher account and with the browser itself. Hope it works for everyone else too! I’ll leave the post open until it’s a confirmed solved problem for everyone.


Hi @feva67, what’s the email linked to your publishers account? I can take a look.


I’m having the same problem

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I am having the same problem.
My Uphold account is verified but I am unable to link it with brave browser.
when clicking on verify account it takes me to the Uphold dashboard and nothing happens.
Please Help!

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I have same issue, my uphold account has been verified.

Please help!

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steeven im having the same issue, with the new uphold interface we cant link brave with uphold. my email is

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I have the same thing, I can not connect a verified uphold account. I have different email addresses. Help me please.
UPD: Everything worked for me

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I cannot get my brave rewards to my uphold account. Please help.

@anaeD @Bencar26 - have you completed the process creating an account with Uphold?

Yes I had completed a withdraw in june and after that my rewards stopped going to uphold. I have been addressing this problem for months with no solutions. I had given up but wanted to make another attempt. I was told my account may have been flagged but I have no idea why. The only thing I can think of is I no longer have a phone number only wifi and I signed up as a creator and had my father attempt to set it up on our website. That is the only thing I can think of

I have the same problem, it is frustrating, I do not plan to activate the ads until there is a solution.

@Bencar26 can you DM me the email linked to your publishers account?

Hey everybody, this may not be a catch-all but from what I’ve gathered you need a minimum of 25 BAT in your wallet in order to trigger the Uphold connection/transfer. Turn off auto-contribute if you haven’t already and just wait for 25 BAT to accrue before initiating a withdrawal.

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i have the same promlem also…

Im having the same issue. Not only can i not connect my verified wallet to uphold, i also never received my BAT. It just got rolled up into next month for some reason… Thats the second time its happened to me… Help would be appreciated… Ive been combing these forums for hours…

Thanks in advance.

Hey there! That’s kinda true, you need 25 BAT to start the withdrawal process, but if you already have a validated uphold wallet you can link it right away and start depositing there instead

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