2nd Device--Brave Rewards

I was looking at the help area-and I think I got this but want to ask before I do. I want to add my home computer to Brave and BRave rewards, but would like to sync it with my work one so my rewards are all in one place. How do I sync the two. Do I install on 2nd computer then do the sync option in settings? If I do will that blow away the Brave I have earned for this month on my first computer. Both are Windows, I feel like this should be easier. I installed on 2nd computer and hoped that a login would work to sync the two, but it started a new rewards on the new install, I havent tried to sync yet as I was afraid to lose awards and didnt have both laptops at once so I could enter the sync code in first computer. Also do I only need that sync code once, or is it something I also need to keep

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