Concerning my settings configuation

I decided to try the Brave browser as a means to alienate google’s “services” frim being abke to access my device. My reason for this was NOT to have more privacy when briwsing. It is because I did not appreciate all of the background processes google deemed necissary, that were subsequently robbing my cpu and ram f its potential to perform. One thing that concerns me is Brave’s numerous cached background processes that I notice whenever my browser is active. Is there a settings configuation I can impliment within my browser that would reduce these processes, to at most, one? It is imparative that this be the case in order for me to consider my decision to continue using this browser through the justification for my intent for using said browser. I persue minamalisim in the operation for any application running on my device as a means to merely attempt to cure my insatiable appetite for performance on said device. In lamen’s terms: there must be a way to stip all the background processes Brave uses on my device for my ultimatum of “fix it or I’m deleting this browser” (and giving Brave a terrible review calling Brave out as being worse than google itsel) to be met. Have a wonderful day! :smiley:


This is true minimalism, browsing web on linux terminal web-browser.

Every single browser or any application in existence uses cached processes and Ram to function normally.
Be true minimalist and start browsing web by only raw HTML like above pictures.

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Better yet, use a raw text only browser like Kristall, Lynx, Links or NetSurf.

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Cringe. Duh every application uses cache and ram, but FIVE different processes? Explain away Sherlock.

That is purposefully done. You can see the processes say that they are for sandboxing and site isolation. It is a process where every single new tab or ccTLD (domain names) run on different processes. See this link which explains why it is done (it is related to firefox, but gives a good explanation). It is a feature for your own safety/privacy/security so that your bank account is not emptied by clicking on a malicious link. Read the trade-off and motivation section.

This feature is not only of Brave but every single Chromium based browser eg Chrome- Similar problems like you on Chrome. Users in the comment section explain it to some degree.

I would suggest having limited tabs upon. Put extra tabs in bookmark section. And clear cache from settings.

Maybe I wasn’t clear in the beginning. I apollogise. When I decided to try the Brave browser, it was as a means to get rid of everything google because google has this nasty habbit of saying that any linux based device I purchase is theirs, and that I’ve only purchased usage rights (challenge accepted), and therefore they do not have to disclose to me whenever they decide to sodomize my storage, ram, processor, camera, etc. with intel gathering software. I see now that anything you get from the play store is google. I did NOT seek an alternative browser + disable play services / services framework, etc. for privacy / safety. God have mercy on anyone who wants to… Whatever off topic. Anyway thank God for F-droid is all I have to say about that, and bty, that screenshot was taken while only the Brave startpage was running with the applications cache and storage erased. Explain, but this time try to do it in a way that is applicable to my post. Thanks.

You can use a deggogles android. Unlock the bootloader and put Lineage/Divest or graphene/calyx OS on it. By it, you will not have a single piece of google code in it. NO google apps, no play store, no google services framework (gsf) etc.

You can use Aurora Store instead of google play store.

To the last point you asked, I am not a dev just a user, so I do not know.

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I apollogise. Please excuse my demeanor, and allow me to explain myself. I made a false assumpion about your motive for responding to my post. Thar fact that you responded at all led me to believe what would usually be all to often the case, that is to say that you were somehow representing a shared itrest for the furtherment of what I now know as chromium. So far, I can’t be convienced that chromium isn’t a google proprietary (excuse my spelling, it’s the only thing I don’t do well) in desguise. You see I absolutely despize google for being the intety responsible for the curruption that has led to the subsequent abomination of the Linux OS by way of the android platform. Linux to me represented a free and open OS to promote the sharing of information through free will. And Windows/Mac sucessfully destroyed that in 2000 with Microsofts purchase of the Linux OS and the development universal C# coding language/ compiler used to bring all three major OS’s under one athority. I appreciate your selfless attempt to assist me very much. The truth however is that I am a person of extremes that is verry bitter with the fact that hardware incoded source codes makes it absolutely impossible to truley rid ourselves of the hinderance of absoulte free opensourced rights to the sharing and transmitting of intel that the Linux OS was originally intended to establish. In short, Bill gate’s greed has won (for now) and I can only blame the people that it hurt the most witch is to say the consumer that I myself am one of and the hardware tech manufacurer sellouts. I do not mind eyes watching me and selling my info at all, I just want the owners of said eyes to do it at the expense of their own giant servers and not my humble devices. The only thing I can think of to fight this inailenable truth, is to expose the truth, and exersize my right to free capatalisim while hoping to inspire others to cut their chains as well. I have learned of a few alternatives with your help. I hope that perhaps you would allow me to compensate you somehow, and also (not to assume that you would be interested), but I see that your intent is purely to give understanding, and would like to humbly ask for your assistance (compensated of course) with a few other projects I have ongoing. If nothing else, I just wanted to respond with my apollogies and sincere grattitude because I’m either an a$&#@!e or a really nice person based on how I preceve someone’s intent. In your case, I have to admit jumped to a conclution in haste. Best wishes.

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Don’t be too hard on yourself :slight_smile: While positing an ultimatum to not ditch Brave is not very motivating for Brave to address your issue (it’s a lot of stick, without much carrot), I understand where you are coming from, and immediately getting dismissed as “cringe” isn’t a great welcome in your first topic.

Did my first post get misconstrewed as me NOT ditching brave? Cause I’m on a completely different browser already. Nice, informative review in the play store involving Brave as well. negative 5 stars -***** :slight_smile:

More as that you might be willing to give Brave another shot if it ever moves away from Chromium the same way it moved away from Electron to Chromium in the past. But do whatever make you comfortable, obviously.
Out of curiosity, what are you using now? Presumably not Ungoogled Chromium or Iridium, since they will share the same issues you have with Brave.

Some generic browser from F-droid. I tested it by trying to sign in to my google account. When it displayed “unsupported browser”, I was like: yep; now we’re cooking. As I’ve said before, I could care less what intel google wants to gather from my device, just do it at the expense of their equiptments performance. All that’s needed to force my device to send that data is a seperate, dedicated modem that google foots the data service bill on to upload tracer debug info with, and a tiny trojan horse malware program to make sure said device/ modem is giving them what they need. I’m cool with the tradeoff of giving me free apps and services in exange for selling my info to advertizers. That exact scenario would be fair, but here’s my theory, all the tech giants have no servers. They use all of our collective devices storage to house all of our data. Could be a bogus conspiracy theory, but have you ever touched a Google/ Facebook/ Twitter/ CIA/ etc. server? It’s like the supposed gold at Ft. Knocks. Consider this, what supercomputer dreamed up in a sci-fi thriller coul possibly match all pc towers / portable devices collective network’s computing and storage capability? If you have all the OS and hardware inlaid souce code/s, you could easily accomplish this and charge $10 for a cheap phone or $380 for a cheap custom gaming PC. From a business / governing perspective, I can’t say I blame them. The problem is, everyone knows what I know, they’re just like “Well as long as I can get on facebook and play games and stream for cheap / free, send me home for “covid related reasons” and plug me into the Matrix please”. I’m the only soldier with a sword in my hand.

I replied and then my reply lierally got deleted.

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What the heck :angry: Hey whoever deleted it, he’s not advertising a rival product, he’s just answering my question!

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