Command line feature flags

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Description of the issue:
I am self hosting the brave go-sync server
I need a way to tell brave to use the custom sync server
I have root
I know chromium browsers can use command line switches
So I used the --sync-url switch under data/local/chrome-command-line and chmod 755 it
But brave is not reading command line swiftest from the file
I enabled feature flags for unrooted from brave://flags
And added --sync-url under data/local/tmp/chrome-command-line
Brave can read that file


There is an annoying warning on every new tab falsely claiming that “you are using an unsupported feature flag”

How to disable that?


As I said I have root so where actually brave is looking for feature flags if its not /data/local/chrome-command-line?

I could directly add --sync-url there

How can this issue be reproduced?

1.enable chrome://flags/#enable-command-line-on-non-rooted-devices
2.relaunvh brave
3.popup warning

Expected result:
A root path for setting up command line fetaure flag --sync-url that will not resault in a warning message

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Anroid 13 rooted

Additional Information:

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