Coinbase Pro crashes Brave

Using Beta Version 0.55.13 Chromium

Brave rewards disabled.
Shields on (used same shields for but no issue with
block ads
block 3rd party cookies
block 3rd party fingerprinting
on- https everywhere
off- block scripts

  1. Went to
  2. Successfully entered email and password
  3. Required 2FA through SMS
  4. Entered in correct code (sent to me through text) and clicked verify

Upon clicking verify (or confirm/a similar word), Brave crashes (Brave closes completely). I did this three times, restored pages successfully all three times, but gave up and moved to Chrome for this particular purpose. I’m not looking for feedback – I just figured I should report it.

Appreciate the report! I’m going to look and see if anything similar has been logged. If not, I’ll do so on your behalf.