Coinbase Refuses to Support Brave - But makes a Market in BAT

Just an FYI – have gone round and round with Coinbase Support. They make a market in BAT, they also actually offer a BAT training bounty where you have to download the latest Brave browser to fully collect the bounty – But – when you try to login to a Coinbase account, logins via Brave bounce, and when I tried to logout from Coinbase after collecting the training bounty — Signouts/Logoffs don’t work on Coinbase using Brave. Coinbase support told me “…use Chrome” . You gotta love those guys.

Is because Coinbase are assholes , is the answer, … don’t worry !! Aguante Brave !!..

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I’ll give that a try – Although – if shields disabled is needed to logoff – then shame on Coinbase, regardless of browser.


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