Restore accidentally-closed window when other window(s) open

Description of the issue:
I had two Brave windows open–one with my regular work on multiple tabs; the other a private window with the default tab. At some point, my ‘regular’ window closed. I do not know if it had a problem and closed itself or if it was closed by human error.

Is it possible to restore the original window? I have not closed the private window. I have not had this happen before and I’m hesitant to test my own random ideas.

Are there \User Data\ files I should save off before I try anything?

**Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Open a Brave window. Open sites on multiple tabs.
  2. Open private window
  3. Close original window; leave private window open

Windows 10; Brave

Can you right-click in the tab area of your open window and click “reopen closed tab”?

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