Brave closes ALL Tabs when I close /shut down Brave. Why?

So when I go to Close Brave Browser, ALL Tabs close out/shut down when I re-open Brave. I lose ALL the Tabs and have to go to History to restart them. My setting are correct,
Settings - -Get Started
"On startup
"Continue where you left off " is checked.
It loses where I left off. WHY the change in software programming ???

…ALSO: Brave will randomly close without doing anything, again all my Tabs are closed, it is really a pisser.

@geodog I just tested this on both Release version and Nightly. Neither have this issue. I can open multiple tabs that I’m using, close out of it, but then when I open Brave again it all loads just fine. I even went as far as making sure to exit Brave completely, by not allowing it to run in the background. Then when it worked fine, I went one more step by exiting Brave and shutting down my computer. I came back 5 minutes later, turned on the computer, opened Brave, and all 4 tabs I had running were still open.

So there’s no change in programming and things are working as intended. Now the question is what’s going on with your settings and/or on your device that’s causing problems.


  1. Disable extensions to see if any one is casusing this issue.
  2. Maybe something is corrupt: Open brave://settings/help, click on the word "Version’, download the setup.exe file then re-install Brave.

Still same problem after removing extension.
Yes something is not working, Why would an extension cause the problen, doesn’t make sense. Seems like Brave is badly programmed and not tested well on Win 10. I don’t use Win 11 because it is also crap programmed with issues.

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