Close session in BRAVE


Hi. Excellent browser
But I have a question. I use several computers at work and at home, and I do not know how to close the BRAVE session on my work PC so that my passwords are not registered, since another person can open the BRAVE and see my entire history.
It’s possible?

Thank you


Hi, open the settings (brave://settings/), scroll to Advanced and click up. There you can find the “delete browser data” function under “privacy and security”. :slight_smile:

Is this what you were looking for?


@MediaBird is on the right track I think. Going one step further, I think you may benefit from two features we have:

  1. Clear data on exit – which does exactly what it says; wipes any browsing data from your last session once you close the browser.
    Main Menu --> History --> Clear browsing data --> Clear on exit
  2. Private windows and Private windows w/tor will also not save any data for the session.