No place to check delete files and history on exit

i cant find anyplace to check to delete files and browsing history on exit on brave’s latest release

Hi @kiffertom,

Like I said in other thread, it’s not yet implemented. Logged issue


That is great news. I like the idea of being able to set the browser to kill the cache, history, and other data upon exiting the browser. A feature I try to get all of my end users to set up.

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Understandable and I think its a feature we value as well. We appreciate your (and everyone’s) patience as we ease into this new UI and push out our bigger flagship features. After that, you should see these smaller (but just as important!) features and options start to trickle in to regular updates.

i have been using ccleaner everytime after i use the brave clear cookies and cache. the brave clearing isnt working. this is disturbing as brave isnt private browsing. im going to switch to another browser. privacy is my main concern. i got a response that it was logged and in the process of being implemented.what are/were they thinking when they released this version without so many features that the older brave had. i think theyre running a game on all of us. beware!

Nobody is “running games”.
Brave Core is still being developed. The team is still working on bringing it up to feature parity with the Muon build (in addition to new features/designs). Iirc, the “clear on exit” feature was recently uplifted to the 0.58x release build (cc @rebron2000 to confirm).

That said, if your concern is private browsing, you might consider using Private Windows and/or Private Windows w/Tor.

Private/Tor Windows do not store/record any browsing data during that session. If you browse this way, you won’t have to clear the cache every time because there won’t be anything to clear. Is there a reason why this doesn’t work for you?

how long has it been since the “new” brave has been launched? i havent had an update since the “new” launching! you’d a thought by now with all the complaints that this and many other issues that they would have been “fixed” by now.

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This is not an “issue” of something broken or not functioning properly. It is a feature which is being implemented. @eljuno linked you to the log in our GH for you to track its progress if necessary.

As I said above,

You can use the above method to browse without recording/saving any data until the clear on exit option has been implemented. Thank you.