Clicked on Random Ad, Browser Closed, Now Everything Gone + Add New Profile?

Hello everyone,

I set up the Brave Browser on my Mom’s Windows 10 laptop a few months ago and she has been really enjoying the experience. A few weeks ago I went in and wrote down the private keys to our browser wallet, yet every time we would click on the BAT icon, it would ask us to “backup our wallet”.

About an hour ago now my Mom was on the computer without the browser even open and idle-mindedly clicked on an ad that popped up in the bottom right corner of the screen, as ads do. When she clicked on this, she says she can’t remember what the ad said, but as soon as she clicked on it the little ad notification went away but nothing happened on the screen because she didnt have the browser opened at the time.

When she then tried to open the browser back up from our windows taskbar and/or the desktop icon it went to a completely new screen that we have never seen before. It was a mostly blank page with a circle icon in the middle. When we clicked on this it said to create a profile name or something, so we did, and after that it wanted us to import our bookmarks from chrome and didn’t have the brave bookmarks we had before.

And when we got into the browser and passed this step everything was gone. All of our previous settings, bookmarks, and our BAT wallet balance. At this point we both panicked a little bit, but I thought oh no worries because I got our private keys! So then I go into the wallet to try and restore our previous wallet with said private keys and it said that it worked however, our wallet balance was at a cold hard ZERO. We had over 100 BAT tokens in there! This was months of rewards.

Can anybody shed some light on what happened and how we can possibly get things back to normal?? Right now when we click the same old Brave taskbar icon and/or the desktop icon, on the taskbar a completely different brave icon pops up that has that circle from the user profile page on it. I will provide a screenshot to show this.

Anyways we are quite confused and rather upset at everything and really really hope things can be fixed!! We would very much appreciate any support.

Click the (purple) circle icon at upper-right to navigate between browser profiles. I believe your old, previous profile is still there (Profile 1).

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Yes! Sorry it took me so long to respond here but the issue seemed to have fixed itself! Everything is back to normal now. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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