Click Address Bar to Automatically Expand even over installed extentions until you press enter

Click Address in address Bar to Automatically Expand even over installed extentions until you press enter or click empty space on website to de-expand address bar back to normal

Since the scaling is so huge on brave cause of my desktop settings (need it this way for my computer), I cant even see much of the address bar, I usually use alt + d to select the address bar and type the website I want to go to. Have got extentions filling up everything on the right of it, this problem would be fixed with

if I could click in the address bar or press alt + d which is the same thing, it would be nice if the address bar expanded fully over all the extentions on the right temporarily, then when i press enter it goes to the website and collapses back to the small adddress bar that it is (or click an empty space in a page to reset the size)

This way you are maximizing space and giving the ability of a full address bar when ever needed. I could just press alt + d and see the whole address bars link cause right now I have to move through text manually with my keyboard or mouse, or copy the link and open notepad and paste it so I can see it, just a simple expansion on using the address bar would be an amazing feature for brave, Sometimes I want to see the link I am visiting, shame it’s too much hassle going right and left through the link with such limited space, as there isn’t any scaling in Braves options, the only reason I actually wanted scaling was so I could see the full address bar, in reality, this feature request makes it so you dont have to worry about scaling as much

Either way, I hope you implement address bar expansion (not the wide address bar setting in the options… ) (this one is gonna be much wider cause it’s temporary) and hopefully scaling eventually comes in the options too, love this browser, with kind regards, Season Greetings